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Sad Day for All of Us Bimmer Owners

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This on local Orlando T-V news the other night. Police looking for a Silver BMW driver who shot at 2 young kids (like 18) in a road rage incident. He had to be a good marksman, as one of the shots ruptured a tire. If the offending driver reads this, please head for the nearest shrink and get help. No matter how bad the kids acted, no reason to kill.
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uh, I don't think a shrink will be able to help this guy.
Yeah...look how much good that one helping Tony Soprano has done.
johnlew said:
uh, I don't think a shrink will be able to help this guy.
My only comment is that they don't do background checks before selling you a BMW. Just because the shooter drove a BMW does not reflect on the rest of us any more than it would if the shooter shared some other characteristic with any of us including race or gender. A lot of different people drive BMWs.
And Ted Bundy drove a older VW much for the cute "Herbie the love bug" image...

As we all know BMW's would only use their guns for self defence...
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