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same ol HK question

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I like some deep bumping bass in my music. nothing to shake the whole neighborhood but enough to enjoy privately in your car. Did I make a mistake in getting the HK upgrade. Is the rattling true? I REALLY don't want to mess with my car using aftermarket parts. Any opinions???
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I would go with an aftermarket but I love the way the BMW deck looks. Aftermarket radios look really cheap with all the lights and stuff. The also totally ruin the smooth clean flow of the dashboard. I guess I am going to keep my H K upgrade. The subs do add some bass to it although not much. The spatializer just makes the sound more "surround" which is kinda cool but maybe not the oomph i was hoping for. Now does anyone know of any cool cd changers that hook up to the BMW radio ( I have a nav system) and fit in the glove?? I HATE trunk mounted cd changers because they are a pain in the a$$ to access for lazy people like me. :confused:
by the way gundamzaku, do you go to UCD by any chance? I noticed you are from davis. I just graduated from there last year.
1 - 3 of 8 Posts
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