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Sand Interior Leatherette and Titanium trimming....a No-No?

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Hmmm....just curious if someone can give some opinions. Everyone has been GREAT in helping me before, i'd figure i'd start a new thread(plus, my other posts seem dead, and well, i have a problem of talking too much! hehe).

Has anyone ever seen the sand leatherette interior with titanium trimming? Originally, that is what i wanted....but the more i think about it, the more i wonder if it would even look ATTRACTIVE!!! Any opinions, anyone have this?
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I saw one briefly back in November. It was one of the 1rst xi's at my dealer. The buyers had ordered in July so thought they were getting high gloss sand trim (since no PP or wood), but with foll over to the 02 models got the Titanium.

They were so excited that their car was there they didn't really notice while doing pickup:dunno: But both my rep and I thought it looked out of place. IMO I would not get it, too much non flowing contrast.
Baptizer said:
Yea, that is exactly what i am starting to think. Obviously i 'might' be able to see one at a dealership, but i starting to doubt it. Well, seems that i am coming to the conclusion that i 'might' want the wood trim....which would probably lead me to get the Premium Package i was debating.....
Sounds like your research has been thorough, if the cost of the wood in comgo w/ other items in PP put you nesr that PP $ go ahead and get it. If the difference is enough, you could always swap w/ someone that wants titanium to go w/ black or grey
Baptizer said:
Thanks for replying......
THere was a previous thread about 'leather vs leatherette'...i might have to re=read it. It seemed as though the majority of people recommended leatherette, and a good bit of leather owners said they would go with leatherette on their next purchase.
Here is how i look at it:
-i want the moonroof(1k)
-i probably want the wood trim(500)
thats 1.5k already...and the pp costs 2.9k. Are the leather seats and the other extras(lumbar support, rain sensor, auto headlights, etc) worth the extra 1.4k? i think so.....i just need to decide if i want leather. Time to go read that thread again i think......hehe..
Agree w/ your logic 100%....since wagon was only available in 325 lumbar and leather were not part of the PP. (Could stand for both a 330 engine and lumbar:cry: ) I opted for 'ette because of $ and durability reasons.
Not the best pic but here is what sand ett looks like and yes the dash section is black

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Baptizer said:
Definitely not for me either....
In fact, personally i dont like all the different things going on(all the different colors.). If this is what it looks like inside for Sand Leatherette/Sand Leather/Natural Brown Leather, then i might opt for the black color instead. I just dont like the look personally.....too bad i am of the minority though....

EDIT: PM 325xiT supplied a better picture, and his pic does justice. Thats much better! It really wasnt the dash that was throwing my eyes off, it was mostly the doors and well, the SAND color in that previous pic seemed a bit too 'yellow' for me.....Thanks for the pic of the Sand Leatherette PM 325xiT!
Here's a link to it so you can view at larger size
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Dan said:
I've seen tan leatherette with titanium trim, and it does not look good. Also, tan leatherette does not look like leather at all - it looks like vinyl, which is what it is. The black leatherette looks much more convincing than the tan, if you are going for the "I want them to think it is leather" look. Personally, I'd go for the leather - it smells better, and vinyl gets very hot and sticky in the summer, and cold in the winter.
I have no complaints about the cold feeling you describe but the HS would take care of it if I did. Black is a closer match but most people still can not tell mine is not leather. In fact the only one who has is a BMW mechanic:)
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