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SatNav 2012

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Hi guys i bought this disc off ebay..I managed to install the v32 software update..But then when i put in the map high DVD it didn't read it..I then tried an original 08 high DVD and that didn't work..I put my original 03 DVD in and it came on immediately..But on closer in inspection of my original 03 DVD it said for seven series only..What is this all about..Do the sevens have a special disc only for them.. ... 6rk%3D1%26
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I also bought a 2012 version off of Ebay recently. My auction details did provide a list of compatible cars and my 750i was listed. I presume since there was that list, then the DVD is not universal and you may want to check your auction description again to be sure. I dont know what V32 is, but if thats a SW update outside of the DVD maybe you want to restore to prior version and try again.

On mine, all I did was swap out the 2007 DVD in the DVD reader in the car trunk for the 2012. For the 1st several days, the navigator would infrequently restart itself which a message notifcation that I cant now remember. It has stopped doing that completely and my guess is that the Navigator was reading a map update off the CD and loading the new data into local memory and had to restart each time. After a few restarts it had the newest maps for the region I drive in and has not restarted in several weeks.
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