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C2v3 Liquid Crystal is the revolutionary way to make cars, boats, planes, and RVs shine and stay cleaner longer. It is fast and easy to use, providing instant, effective protection from UV and dirt. C2v3 is applied like a "quick detailer" product; however, it is based on the same smart surface technology as C1 Crystal Lacquer, giving it properties no quick detailer or traditional wax product can match. Enhances all gloss on surfaces such as paintwork and glass. A single application offers up to 8 months of protection and can be used with any other car care products as a base or top layer.

Go to The GTechniq North America Website and use coupon code "Save20" (case sensitive) to get 20 percent off your order of C2v3 Liquid Crystal.

- Use in place of your standard, traditonal wax.
- Have one bottle full strength and one bottle diluted 1/1 with distilled water for best results.
- Use as your "quick detailer" for minor touch ups on top of C1 Liquid Crystal.

While we do recommend having some of the higher level coating we offer applied by one of the detailers in our Accredited Network, C2v3 Liquid Crystal is an easy to use spray formula for the DIY car enthusiast. Order today! Offer expires March 15th.
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