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Saw a bizarre hit-and-run this AM

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Coming in to work this morning (in my freshly repaired car) I witnessed a really f**ked up scene.

On K Street at 19th St in downtown DC a car had failed to fully cross the intersection due to traffic in front of them. A tour bus going in the other direction on K was trying to turn left onto 19th. When the light for K Street traffic finally changed back to red, this bus (which had pulled into the intersection) decided to complete it's left turn.

But it cut it's turn too sharp and tore off some of the back end of the car (an Olds Achieva I think) that was still in the intersection as it turned. I could see the rear fender get pushed in and that corner's turn signal housing burst plastic shards all over the road.

Pedestrians (and there are MANY of them at this intersection) all were visably shocked at what they had just seen.

But the bus driver apparently did not notice what she had done and kept going. Other traffic was honking after the bus and pedestrians were yelling. (I was a few cars back from the intersection facing the same direction as the car that got hit.) But last I saw the bus, it was going on it's merry way down 19th Street out of sight.

The car limped off into the marginal and I made my way around the block to my office. There were plenty of witnesses without me.

Still, a pretty f**ked up thing to witness (especially being around the corner from where my car got rear-ended 6 weeks ago).
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Reminded me of a few years back in Westwood, near UCLA...

I don't know if y'all are familiar with the area, but there's a Mann's multiplex on Gayley Ave. with a large parking structure right next to it. I was walking along Gayley across the other side of the street and saw a car pull out from the garage, the parking attendant trying to collect money from the driver (it's like $2.00 to park there on weekdays), and the driver just slammed on the gas, ran over the parking attendant's legs and sped off.

It wasn't even a cheap car...It was a very late model Mitsu. Eclipse. I was too far away to catch the license plate, but was SHOCKED at what someone is willing to do to avoid paying $2.00.
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