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Saw the new MB E-Class today

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I was in the city today and suddenly noticed the car. It's not officially out yet, will be launched on March 17th.

Of course stopped and took a few pics :)

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Looks almost as big as an S-class... The new E-class seems to be a nice car. Too bad MB only makes cars with slushies (at least that's all they bring to the States)...
Mystikal said:
Damn you, I just got some pics in my saturday "Wheels" section of the paper.

Anyone else notice the headlights are straight from the Lexus GS parts bin? that I look at it the entire front end is almost like a facelift of the Lexus...

Nice design, nonetheless. But what's the deal with the 6-speed being Europe-only? Grrr...:mad:
Sorry Pal, but Lexus is the one who copies MB ALL the time... The old E-class already had the oval headlights...

Also, while I don't need PDC, I don't mind people buying cars with it. It kinda' gives me peace of mind actually, because I know 60+ year-olds have something to help them park other then my bumpers...

Plus, here in the States (and I assume the same happens in the 51st state - oops, my bad, Canada :D (J/K)), it's not that common to parallel park on the streets, while in Europe, that IS common. The problem is, there are more and more cars on the streets causing the parking spots to be tighter... So, again, PDC only brings everybody peace of mind (at least in theory)...
VinceTopasBlau3 said:
Great pics, AlexB! ;)

It's not too bad really..but the wheels should really be larger. Seems to be 16s or 17s. :p
Yup... Can you believe that the S500 comes with 16" rims? :confused: Anyway, maybe bigger rims will piss MB customers off... They'll complain the ride is too harsh :lmao:
VinceTopasBlau3 said:

Hey, did you get the spoilers eventually? :D

Not yet... :( I want to buy a house and have been saving as much as I can... ;) I did buy an ECIS CAI though... ;)
1 - 4 of 21 Posts
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