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Saw the new MB E-Class today

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I was in the city today and suddenly noticed the car. It's not officially out yet, will be launched on March 17th.

Of course stopped and took a few pics :)

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There's a first look at the new E in the new issue of AutoWeek. I was never a huge fan of the current W210. To me, it was their first step towards the 'cheapening' of the brand, and didn't like the way they did the round lights.

But I have to say, this new one looks fantastic (better than the S (W220) or C (W203)), and I've been reading that they've worked to get rid of some of the cheap-feeling materials in those two models.

From the side, the thing I noticed is that the rear fender and trunk profile resembles the Bentley Arnage. :thumb:
1 - 1 of 21 Posts
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