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Hi everyone,
I became a member today but I have been to this site from time to time previously, and learned a good deals from reading postings.
In the following, I will detail a problem of starting of my X5 E70 2008, mileage 148,000 km, which has occurred for the past 3 months or so:

Ok, here is my car's problem: Usually after running my car for a some mileage eg 10-20 km, if I stop engine for a period from 30 min to say 2-3 hours, I probably won't be able to start my car (using a push start button). But there is no problem if it's within few minutes or if after engine stopped for more than say 3 hours (eg overnight). When I can't start, it doesn't crank; I seem to hear a little bit low noise. All lights and others are normal. Initially we thought it's due to low battery, but after replacing with a new standard battery, problem persisted.

In brief, car often wont's start after stopping engine for ~30 min to 2-3 hours; shorter than 15 min or longer than 3 hours, starting is fine. it seems that something temporarily builds up after engine stops; this 'something' takes few minutes to build up and then disappears after few hours.

It's been so annoying as we can't use the car if we wanna reuse it within a couple of hours. I'd really appreciate if you guys could propose any hints to the problem.

Thank you!!
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