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SC x5

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Heating unit in my 04 x5 does not have power or buttons donot work. Please help!
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If you're talking about the HVAC control unit below the radio, then it's most
likely fuse 48 in the glove box. Change that out and you should get
and control
Thank you for your assistance, it was a fuse but it was actually 34 I believe both 34 and 46 belong to the Aircondition unit / climate control. I now have power, it called for a #5 fuse but only had a #10 available. I used actually three #10 fuses in place of a number#5 fuse where needed. I hope that's ok.
Now I am having another problem with my 2004 x5 with 95,893 miles . It appears to be smoking from the tail pipes blue smoke. One of my mechanics said it appears that it's burning oil and may need the valve seals replace. Another mechanic look at it and stated that he does not believe it's the seals. He stated that it may be an emission problem or maybe a sensor or something. Note; no check engine light and the vehicle was sitting a while before I brought it. I took it to dealer and no problem with engine was noted. Car runs well and fast with no knocking. I changed oil seven months ago at the dealer and had to add 4 quarts of synthetic oil this month although the car was not driven since the oil change in February until this August. Please help if you have any information.
PCV? oil separator?

alot of ppl have posted these as one thing to check
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