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scraped my wheel ... now what

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I curbed my wheel yesterday as I was gingerly pulling into a parking space. Damnit! Anyhow, it's nothing huge. A nasty scape about an inch or two long right on the outermost edge of the rim.

I figured I'd just swap it out with the spare or even just leave it alone. It doesn't look *that* bad, but since I lease I'd probably switch w/ the spare before I turn it in. I've got about 6k miles on the wheels. Do I need to take my tire of my wheels to swap? If so, who would you recommend do the work? Or can I just put the spare on my car?

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nate328Ci said:
Just use the spare. It is easy to change with the jack and wedge in the trunk :)
I wouldn't do that. At 6,000 miles, depending on how you drive, there will be some difference in wear already between the spare (no wear) and your normal tires (6,000 miles of wear). When I swapped out my spare for one of the tires that developed a huge bubble at 7,500 mile it created a very un-nerving vibration at 80 miles per and above and worsen as I approach 120. Over 100 it was simply un-drivable.

Ultimately I waited until 20,000 miles when all my tires are worned down I swapped all 4 tires. What I would recommend is just getting some Wurth wheel spray paint and clear coat and touch it up. Be sure to take the wheel off the car, and mask off all the tires and leave a small area open, and sand it smooth with 2000 grit sand paper before you start spraying.
1 - 1 of 3 Posts
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