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gagnu said:
Any suggestion on removing these scratches, they aren't too deep. I use Zaino and was wondering if Z5 would do it? Or Meguir's Scratch X? If Meguirs do I need to do anything with the coat of Zaino that is on it? Will I need to re-zaino the area?

I can't tell if the scratch is deep from the picture, but if you can feel the scratch with your fingernail, it's deep.

If the scratch is NOT deep, you can remove it with Scratch X. Make sure you read the directions and apply it with the necessary elbow grease (or it simply won't work).

Z5 acts only as a filler/polish and has no abrasive qualities. No Zaino product will assist in paint preparation or repair, except the clay bar, which is excellent for cleaning.

So after you use Scratch X, there will no longer be any Zaino on the surface. You'll then need to apply Z1 and Z5 over the repaired area.

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