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Sears has AGM battery on sale today

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I know some will say never put anything but BMW battery in the E66 (and I am sometimes one of them :)), but Sears has a really good price on the AGM battery today -- $143.99 Group 49, 850CCA, 92AH. Timing was perfect as my battery was just starting to have issues.


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Mine too and I picked one up as well! Unfortunately, I had to travel about 80 miles to get it as my local store didn't have it in stock. On the way back, I put the window down at a toll booth and it made a grinding sound on the way down and then would not go back up. It goes up about 3" and then goes back down, making the noise the whole time. Of course this couldn't have happened 4 months from now. It was 18 degrees outside. Lucky I had my 180's with me.

So now I just have to put the battery in and register it. First I need to figure out where the battery is! I assume it is in the trunk? Do I need to charge the new battery before putting it in?
I will never put a BMW battery in my cars--that is just a waist of money. But sears--do not like doing business with their auto dept and all the screw up they did on my car years ago before I knew better. Even DIY, I am not giving them the business.
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