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Hi everyone,

I changed my shock absorbers on the rear over the weekend and had my boot open (screw at the top) and windows open, keys in my pocket. It took a few hours which meant the battery drained considerably (not able to start the engine).

I jump started it and everything was OK until I tried the car the next morning. The Passenger Restraint Fault came up. Now I have seen this once before and thought because of the battery draining it needs reseting. Did a 100 mile round trip, plugged DIS and clear the fault (including others that came from D/C ABS and Break sensors as well as battery.

It came back on the next time I put the key in. I looked at the fault and I get these:

and on INPA

This (the driver side) cleared and remained so

I found this article:

but I am not sure if this is the one at the seat or is there another tensioner on the door pillar
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