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Second Post, Second 3-Series

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Been lurking for a couple months, but thought I would join and say hi. I've learned quite a bit lurking so I might occasionally try to return the favor when I can. My first BMW was a 2010 328i, loved every second of owning it. I just traded it in on a 2012 335i Sport, Prem, Tech/Nav, HK on June 7 (no vibration or FEM issues btw). Pretty much all the options minus parking assistant, VSS, lane departure warnings and active CC.

A few weeks a go I took the time to take a few pics so here's the obligatory pic offering, you'll have to exuse the red roundel if you are a purist, its just something I'm enjoying for a few months because I liked the how it matched the red stripes on the sport interior:

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looking good, where didu get the roundels
Its just the overlays from Bimmian. Took about an hour to put them all on. I can just pull them off when I get tired of them. They do however appear as if they came that way unless you get ridiculously close and even then its negligible at best.
congrats on the new ride!
Did you get the front license plates from bimmian as well? I am looking to get the same ones.
I picked up the license plate from the dealer when I had my 2010 328. There are extra overlays that come with the bimmian kit which I used on the plate. However, I purchased two of the kits so I don't remember if the extras were enough to cover the license plate with a single kit.
Did you get the front license plates from bimmian as well? I am looking to get the same ones.
Excellent photos! Beautiful car! Enjoy that new beautiful baby. :thumbup:

Say, how about some interior shots? :)
Yep, D90. Great little camera for the price. I've aquired a good bit of nice Nikkor glass over time so that helps as well. The first one was taken with a D series push/pull 35-70mm and the others with an original 70-200 VR (circa 2003). Would love to pick up a D800 but I don't shoot enough these days to justify the 3K expense (unless I sit here and needlessly talk myself into it) :D
Nikon D90
1 - 12 of 12 Posts
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