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I am the proud new owner of an M6 GC in Individual Tanzanite Blue, with Opal White Interior, with the 343M rims.:D

I understand they are lighter, stronger, better, more expensive and better suited to the performance of the car, but I just like the 433's better.

If you have the 433's and would prefer to take advantage of all of these benefits and like the 343's better, I would gladly meet you in NJ/NY/PA/CT etc and swap the rims, should your tires be Michelin PSS's with similar tread.

If not, we can also meet at the BMW Center of your choice, and have them swap the tires of the RIM sets.

I will add pictures of my 343s shortly; in the meantime, here is the data I have collected...

This is the equivalent weight of a space saver spare tire; enough weight that BMW chose to not provide us with one
This would also improve ride quality and dynamics, moreover on irregular roads.

Here are links for the data sources I utilized:



Rotating mass assumptions:


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