Selling a new Seicane 8.8in Android 10 for BMW 7 series (may fit others?), e65 e66 2001-2008. Radio Stereo GPS Navigation system with HD touchscreen Bluetooth support CarPlay OBD2. H826N Snapdragon 8-core CPU, 4G RAM, 64G ROM. Includes support for cars without AUX (separate box to install behind CDC), probably can be installed in a car with AUX (not using that box). Includes Sony HD CCD rear view backup camera, and wiring. Original cost in January $610.00.

Asking price is my net cost after Seicane gave a partial refund. Plus shipping to USA only.

Before buying or inquiring, please read my post in the 7series e65 sub forum: Seicane Install

No warranty and probably little or no factory (China) support. I will help in any way I can with install questions etc. including emails from Seicane that may help you.