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Seicane Install

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Hey all, first time poster, long time lurker.

I've seen instructions for the seicane install in other models, but I was wondering if anyone had specifics for the E66 (2007 750LI). Just got a seicane unit recently, and while I'm not too concerned, I'd like to know if there's anything out there that will serve as a guide. The ones I've seen were guides for an X5 or newer cars.

Appreciate it!
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If you installed yours, how did it go? Any tips? Work as you expected? Thinking about this for my 2006.
I decided to try the Seicane unit for my e66 (2006). I would not order again. Here’s why.

I ordered it with the fast processor, rear view camera and Aux adaptor (since my car doesn’t have Aux, this is required to install). Total cost $610. The web site says it ships in 24 hours, but it had not shipped after 48 so I asked. It was Chinese New Year starting 48 hours after I ordered so nothing for another week. I had second thoughts and asked to cancel, they said it had shipped, gave me a tracking number, and refunded $20. So now I’m into it $590.

The tracking number they sent was for someone else’s unit. Mine actually shipped several days later. So that was a lie.

When it arrived, no instructions, no wiring diagram, no operating instructions. Some wires were labeled, but not all. I asked and they said to look on YouTube and elsewhere (like here) for what others had done, but they didn’t have anything to send. Nice.

I had done that research before buying. There is one install actually buried on their site (How to Install Seicane Touchscreen Radio for BMW E65 E66?). You’ll note a lack of clarity in the pics and a lack of detail. There are other e65/66 videos on how to take apart the dash trim, etc. I’d seen all of those before ordering, so I decided to give it a try.

I had daily emails with Seicane - but since they are 13 hours ahead of me, any question I asked was not answered until the next morning. A very slow process of trying to get this installed. And since I needed to use the car, I would try an install, take pics and make notes, email them, then restore my car to factory (leaving off some trim since it can be fragile). I went through this three times before deciding it just wasn’t going to work without some real help. I read about other installs in other BMW models (couldn’t find anything about Seicane in e65 other than the above), I also looked at installs of other brands in the e65 (including Avin, which had awful reviews).

In every attempt the unit would come on and stay on, even if I locked the car and removed the key. I could get their screen to the nav view, and it was nice, but I couldn’t get back to a main screen. No music would play from any source. This via touchscreen because the iDrive was not able to control it. Well, after staying on 30 minutes without the key in, the thing was hot to the touch. That made me worry that it would overheat or do damage to the car on a long drive. So I asked for a full refund according to their policy (which is on their web site). I never tried the backup camera, as I didn’t want to run that wire and such before knowing everything else worked.

It took over a week of emails after that request to get a partial refund of $345. Their initial offer was below $150, and I could keep the unit for resale. I kept insisting on a full refund and they pay shipping back per their warranty, they would respond with slightly higher offers. I finally accepted because I really don’t want to deal with them every day for another two weeks, and I wouldn’t have been surprised if they decided to go dark using global events as an excuse.

I did all the research I could before buying and knew I was taking a risk. It didn’t work out for me. I’m out $245 but I have the unit. I will put it up for sale, but I’ll also disclose that I couldn’t get it to work properly, and it doesn’t have a warranty.
Thanks Mikemcn for the responce not great news if i do come accross a head unit i will share it on here
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