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Asking for $1200, price is non-negotiable.

Rim Size: 19"x9.5"
Bolt Pattern: 5x120mm
Offset: 45mm

Basically I've got 4 wheels I want to get rid of for some extra money I need.

I've got 19 inch chrome Beyern Mesh rims. If you look online, you'll have a hard time finding anything cheaper than $1600 for a set of 4 brand new.

They are in very good condition, I've only ever used them in the summer. They're just a bit dirty in the pictures and just need to be cleaned. There's no pitting or corrosion.
Only damage is one very small chip in one of the rims, but it's so small you seriously wouldn't know it's there unless you deliberately look for it.

They all come with tires. They're all Hankook Vetus V12 Evo's.
Tire size: 235/35 ZR19, Speed Rating 91Y
Two of the tires are near brand new. I bought them near the end of the last summer. Again, these haven't been driven in the winter.
The other two are worn out a bit more but there's still good for a good while.

Check out my Craigslist post for the fastest and easiest way to get in contact with me. I don't go on this forum much so I'd recommend contacting me that way.
I'm also located in Detroit, MI.

Link to full picture album

What they look like obviously.

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