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DGF said:
Coincidentally I just sold my car too! I took a cashier's check from a cool couple that I was able to meet in person and look squarely in the eye. I arranged to drop the car off at their house....... so I know where they live!

FWIW, I have our second BMW up for sale (330CiC) on autotrader and I am recieving multiple "I am a veicle consultant and I'll give you $100 under asking price + just send me details" emails each day. I'm just ignoring them all. [Now the Xit has been sold I can actually afford the new E90 that we're picking up in 3 weeks on the ED program! :) ]

Thanks again to all those that gave advice.

- Dave
Read this link. Very informative.

Caveat emptor... and the seller too.
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