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Head gasket (driver side) is blown, was thinking about putting a m62 engine but not able to find a good one in my area (So Cal) for the last few months.

Car on the outside and inside is very good. Seats and interior are in very very good condition and exterior is clean aside from a few small scratches. It's been garaged it's entire life until the last 2 months. Sits on chromes and everything works on it except the seat reclining problem well know with the e34s. Transmission is still good. About 6 months back put in new engine coils, knock sensors.

Miles is about 168,XXX and title is clean. One original owner. Have service receipts.

Don't want to part it out and don't want to keep it much longer either.

I'm asking for $2200 obo. PM me or call me at 949-228-859 three.

Please don't call me to part it out. If you want to part it out, buy the car and make a healthy profit minus the cost of your time.

Also, I have the camshaft timing tools if you want to purchase them separately or together for $300.


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