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Semi-rigid boot cover for sale

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Hi All!

I have a tan semi-rigid boot cover that went to my 1st Z-3. It was up in the attic wrapped in plastic all of these years and is in perfect condition.

It is selling for $250 (plus s&h if necessary). I live between Gainesville and High Springs but travel around Central Florida often.

Private message me if you are interested and we can go from there!

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Boot Cover

Do you still have it
How much if you send it to Toronto M3H-1H5
Can I send you payment by paypal?

Yes, I still have it! Paypal works great- I'll check on shipping cost today. Do you have a preference on shipping companies?
Boot Cover

The best option is ship by US Postal
In the description please post value under 50 Dollars, and used Boot Cover .
If you ship by UPS they charge me with customs fees (over 50 bucks plus tax).

Thank you

Sorry for the delay, . . .

This was more challenging than I expected . . .

So, if I wrap the boot cover securely with bubble wrap and place it into a heavy duty contractor bag sealed with packing tape . . . (with your shipping instructions in mind)

The total comes to $56.96 - which is the least expensive option so far.

If this plan and cost meets your satisfaction and you are able to pay for the boot cover with shipping via Pay pal, I can mail it as soon as payment is received with a confirmation email and picture of package with postage and label (we can never be too safe) ; )!

How does this sound to you?

Jenessa Torres

Ok please send me a private message with your paylal info
Can we make 300?


1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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