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hi all,
i wld need help with my 1996, 320i. there are a few problems... :cry:
i am going to describe my problems, then what i had done... and then the results.
pls give me ur opinions and advices. :)
i have problems with my idling, it goes way too low at times that it stalls, esp when travelling at low speed, while idling, reversing...
-i have tried cleaning the ICV. so far so good... -=crossed fingers=-

i experience loss of power and jerk at times, especially when accelerating. things run smoothly when i am keeping my speed constant.
-i had the O2 sensor changed... a little bit more power, still observing...

i think i am experiencing high fuel consumption, i dunno what is the norm. 18" wheels are fixed onto my 320i; fuel consumption is at 9l/100km... is this normal?

i experience slow crank when the car is "heated". it cranks normally when it is in the morning or after a long time w/o being driven. but after being driven or when it is hot; i will need longer time to crank her... is this normal or do i need some fixing somewhere?
-i had thought changing the O2 sensor would do the trick...

i still experience a bit loss of power esp. when starting, frm gear 1 to 2... or at free gear. :S
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