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Hey there, I'm new to this, so bare with me.

Iv owned a 6/89 5speed 525i for 8 years. About a year ago on a 600mile trip, I started experiencing an erratic cluster. The speedo was jumping, and my gas gauge was way off. Pulled into auto zone, turned the engine off. They check it out and have no idea whats going on. When I start my engine again, my cluster is fine.

Through the months the problem got steadily worse, to where if I went over a bump too hard, my cluster would die completely. Turned the engine off, waited a while, turned it back on and bam, were back in action!

Did a cluster test, and it passed perfect. But not knowing what else to do, I sent my cluster in to a reputable bmw cluster repair shop. Guaranteed repair or it's free. I receive it back, and now it's doing slightly different erratic movements. So I send it back to the guy. This goes on for about 2 weeks. He says That everything works fine there at his shop, so I may have other issues.

Let me also mention that I have replaced my LKM and my radio with a comparable radio to what you see in later models. This neither added, nor took away my cluster symptoms.

Months after adding a new radio and LKM, my inside lights, wipers and windows don't work. Found the 80amp fuse and replaced that. They work fine now.

Now in the past few weeks my cluster says "code?" and my OBC (the one without the reset button) says "pppp". None of the gauges work except the rev goes from 0 at idle to 1k at 70ish mph, and my toggle (blinker) switch does nothing. I'v been reading forums and posts, still cant seem to find a fix. So I broke down and bought a replacement cluster for mine (it's the white one by the way). And.....still the same problems. I'v check all my fuses and done every test I could find.

Sorry for the lengthy post, but I really need some help here.


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It sound like you are having really short total power outs. That can only be bad battery cables/terminations/earth points. cables include this big and small ones. Follow them as far as you can checking for loose or dirty connections. I hope the problem is not behind the dash as you have refitted it twice. If you don't find anything (I think you should, so be very critical) then go back into the dash with special attention on earth points.
The job will take ages (do it over 2 days/weekends so you don't get bored) which is what you would pay shop rates for. You just have to enjoy it - sorry.
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