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Service Costs in Canada and Brake Rotors

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I found this price list on the BMW Canada site. Can anyone comment on the truth to this?

Also, what is up with the price of pads and rotors? Is that the cost of machining rotors or replacing rotors? It seems so expensive that it must be replacing rotors (machining rotors usually costs about $20 each). Why would you need to replace your rotors? Every vehicle I've owned has only ever required machined rotors (and I typically drive vehicles for 100-150K Km).

Oh, and another thing. There is a price for a timing belt replacement... I assume that is only for 4 cyl. models?

Thanks for your thoughts.

BMW Canada Service Web Page
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Thats about what I paid ..

In canada rotors are not covered under warranty (2000 323Ci). Had my front pads and rotors replaced at only 32000KM.

BMW rotors wear out relatively fast. Could not be machined cos they were close to minimum thickness. That seems to be the concensus with th eE46; check archives.
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