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Service History Check BMW E46

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Can somone do a Service History check for me on a BMW E46 3 Series 318ci Convertible, Registration NG530JB, VIN Number WBABW72030PL79903 i need to know how many services the car has had and what date, mileige was on the car when it received the services, i have recently bought the car and the service book has started to ring alarm bells as the same stamp has been used for all the services and the same machinic has signed them, i am worried about this and just want to chek that the information is correct, can anyone help please?
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I believe that your local BMW dealership can provide you with this information :thumbup:
Doesn't the stamp normally have a blank spot for the date? That aside, the service book isn't really worth a damn--they rarely stamp it consistently. Just keep in mind that the VIN service history only reports dealership work.
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