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Service on weekends in central NJ/NY area?

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The dealer I got my car from is close on weekends for service. I will be paying for oil change (non-scheduled maint.). They said it would take 1 1/2 hrs but won't give me a loaner car. Is this true for all BMW dealers? Should I worry about taking my car to another dealer?
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I found that dealers set their own policies regarding loaners. For example, my dealer in Princeton loans BMW's, but other dealers may give you other cars. Some dealers give loaner preference to their own customers. It all depends on what you want and how much notice you give them.

I know some dealers have Saturday hours. Open Road in Edison has Saturday service, but I have not been there. Princeton does not. You may want to call around, or check the Sunday New York Times Auto section. They list most of the NY/NJ dealers.

I don't think you need to be concerned about using another dealer for the oil change. I would avoid the Jiffy Lube types of places. And remember, you don't need to change the oil so frequently anymore, so it may not even be necessary.
Thanks for the reply.

Open Road in Edison must have changed their policy recently. They said they don't do Saturdays anymore.

I wanted to have the service done because I tracked the car recently. I don't intend to bring it to other places but BMW dealers. I'm just thinking if another dealer would not be as concern with my car since they didn't sell it to me.

I guess I'd have to give up half a day just to get the oil changed.
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