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I am a brand new owner of a 2004 645 conv and so far......I love it. It is an 04/04 build.
I bought it in the US and imported it into Canada. I am covered under BMWNA warranty still.

I have had 5 previous BMWs and service has been pretty good in the past but I am beginning to wonder about how to get things done.

I want to use my Bluetooth phone in the car and also some sort of MP3 player in the car. After reading this forum it is clear that the car was going to need a sw update (I work in the tech business so updating firmware is a usual event).
Dealer 1 said that my car does not support Bluetooth and never will as it is too early a build.
Dealer 2 said that my car has Bluetooth but it hasn't been activated and they would be happy to do it under my dime but it isn't covered under warranty.
Dealer 3 actually took the time to play with iDrive to discover that my car does have Bluetooth, has been activated, and since it doesn't work, the sw update would be covered under warranty.

Obviously I am choosing door number 3.
My question is what exactly is the process to get these sticky messy sw issues and warranty issues clarified? If dealer 3 hadn't come to the rescue, I was going to call BMWNA. Is that the normal procedure to sort this out?

My next step is to sort out the various options on playing MP3s in my car. They certainly don't play in either the DVD or CD player in my 645 now. Dealer 3 said that the SW update 'might' enable that feature. Can I swap DVD drive to a newer DVD player that will play MP3s? Do I go for the aux line out option and get outboard MP3 player? Do I look at the HarmonKardon option? Or do I wait for a rumored iPod integration kit from BMW and if I wait will it work with my car?

I suppose I am going to have to get used to firmware updates for my rolling CPU but it is clear that the dealers are not on top of this and I wanted to know if BMWNA gives straight answers to these sorts of questions.
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