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bmw service advice wanted


hi im after a bit of advice reguarding service i have a very tidy 318 e46 bmw

my cars had 1st oil service at 15,000 date 2/4/ 2002

inspection 1 was done at 31,269 date 2/04/2002

oil service and micro filter 46,086 date 29/04/2003

inspection II micro filter and bodywork at 69,693 date 4/10/2005

ive owned the car from this date.. and havent had a service since beliveing its a mileage thing not time??

my cars now just gone over 82,000, with no problems and is telling me i have 600 miles before oil service is due now 2009. as you can see i havent done many miles but wanting to know is it ok just to go for oil service and plugs or what would you advise many thx novice car owner!!!!!wanting to do whats best!!!
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