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Hi guys
I have 06 325xi that has around 88,000 miles on. Engine was running very well until one day i started to have rough idle like it want to stumble. Prior to that I have notice that my MPG was little lower then it used to be. I pull the codes 2A98 2A9A, I have already remove the vanos solenoid and clean them and also i have switched them around. Still same codes come on. I also remove the camshaft sensors and switch them too. The oil was changed less then 800 miles ego and the level is full and oil is clean, it runs on Mobil I 5w30 and i used Maan filter, before i had used BMW oem filter, if that makes any different. Is it possible the hooking rings are going bad or the Vanos sprocket assembly. Any ideas or have someone ran in to this. Any help is appreciate
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