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setting clock on 87 bmw 325is

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I recently purchased a 1987 325is, I would like to know how to set the date and time on the dash
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Assume no manual?

It is not simple even with manual. Are you trying to correct current readout or are you starting from scratch after electric power break? :dunno: Let me know and I'll try to help from manual.
Here are some rather questionable instructions on how to set the OBC:

Seriously though, if you can't find instructions by tomorrow evening I'll try to remember to pull out my manual and type up the relevent instructions...
Hey, I see this thread seems to have died.

I also need to know how to program my clock .. same car 1987 325is.

if you have it off the top of your head, can you jot something down for me.

Ive tried every combination i can think of.

Thanks for any help in advance..
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Off the top of my head, I think this is the sequence.

-select the time function
-press the indented black button at the bottom of the OBC - the colon may change to just a dot
-use the 1000,100,10,1 buttons to adjust the individual digits to the right time
-press the indented button again and the dot changes back to a colon

IIRC, to set AM/PM, use the 24 hour equivalent when setting the hours (2PM = 14 hours) if you're using Imperial measurements of miles and gallons.
I think there is a reset button on the right lower side of the OBC.try that.
if you pop it out and un plug it plug back in you can re enter time &date:)
I found a video that takes you through the steps of resetting the clock:
Nice first post. And an incredible thread bump. 10+ years...
Wow, that's a record I do believe. Y'know what I say about epic thread bumps? THANK YOU for searching! It shows excellent initiative. :thumbup:
you made me weep with joy :thumbup:
THANK YOU for searching
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