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Hi guys,
I ran into an issue during xmas and was wondering if i could get some feedback.

I drove 2.5 hrs to my fiancee's parents place for xmas and the car was fine. We did get a low oil light before leaving so I stopped at the gas station and picked up some 5W30 high performance oil and put it in the engine. I also gassed up the car at this station which is not a station i would normally gas up at. On the way to my dad's house, 7hrs away, about 2 hours into the drive i started feeling a nasty shake during acceleration. This would stop whenever i would stop for a pee break and shut off the car. It would also not do it while coasting. But everytime we went back on the highway, after 30mins or an hour, it would shake again on accelerating and going up hill. It did not do it for the two days i was at my dads place as driving in town were short distances and well below 30 mins of driving.

Tried putting some gas line anti freeze in case it was a bad tank of gasoline. That did not fix it. Upon our trip back to my home, we felt it again about 45mins into our drive. Gasing up at a different gas station did not fix it either. Mind you all the gas tanks during the holidays were different than the one place i usually go to.

So I know it is not the gas line freezing up. I guess it could be bad gas but i am not sure that it is.

It no longer does it now since all the driving around the city are short distances. Any clue as to what it could be?

It is not an alignment issue or balancing issue. The steering wheel does not shake. Seems to come from the engine, transmission, or front end.

Would it be bad oil that i put in the engine? Bad gas? Engine mount or tramission mounts? Bushings? Maybe drive shaft? Wouldnt be spark plugs since it only does it 45mins in and only when accelerating?

There is no engine codes thrown to my dash and i dont want to bring it to BMW and have them tell me they cant find anything which is what i have seen some people say when they experienced something similar.

All input is appreciated. :thumbup:

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It depends on if one Joint or all of them axlee damage.. If the outer boot is really bad and road debris has entered the joint, the outer CV joint can be replaced separate to doing the entire axle. The cost of the CV joint is 180.00 around. but there are places where you can find cheaper prices

The entire axle so you know runs about 500.00

The pricing is an average that you may see. Part markup by the dealer or repair shop may make these prices a bit higher.

The one thing I would recommend is to first get yourself a Bentley Manual. Once you have that, read over it and you will gain a little understanding as to what needs to happen. I would say that if you have some time (around 4 hours) and the necessary parts and tools, then save yourself the $200-300 in labor. but again by your original post I'm guessing that its the CV joint or joints. But before you do anything I would get it checked out by a reputable mechanic who knows a lot about BMW's try d avoid the dealership at all costs
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