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Shine baby shine (large pics - 1024*768)

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Not bad for a 3-year old daily drive, aye ? :D
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TD330ci said:
How do you keep your front end from getting pitted??
Second car :)

OTOH, there's very little risk to get rock chips on the autobahn and almost none in the city here.
Sabrina said:

How fast have you gone on the Autobahn???... Seriously... just curious... :)
230 km/h on a Sunday morning at 6.00 am where there was almost no action on the autobahn.
Sabrina said:
is it true that you can't pass on the right??? I think?? :dunno:
Yep it's true and that can be very expensive and your driver's licence may also be confiscated :yikes:
Dude, that's some serious shine there :thumb:
1 - 5 of 12 Posts
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