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mineallmine said:
I was driving past the Port of Tacoma yesterday and noticed a Wallenius Wilhelmsen vessel in port. So, I drove through the area to take a look. It was the Elektra. Many cars from Japan and Korea lined up in rows that had already been unloaded. What concerned me was the numbers of cars I saw with extensive damage. One car had the rear window completely smashed in and another both left doors severely dented.
What I want to know is can I obtain a copy of the damage report against my vehicle? I don't want to take possession of a car that's already been in an accident before it's even been delivered. I don't care how good they are at making repairs!

:( :(

Anyone out there wish to share their experiences good and bad?
Don't worry ~ be HAPPY!

The *only* time that a damage disclosure report gets generated is when there is actual damage. I hate to dispel a popular message board fallacy here, but the infamous "port check" document (as cited on several F.A.Q.'s) simply does not exist... All you have to do is ask to see your dealer's "vehicle availability report". If your car was damaged, there will be a "v" indicating this on the listing, next to the VIN number...

Hope this helps,
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