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The 2008 editions of the Michelin "Red" guides (hotels & restaurants) are out for both Germany and Austria. Here are bits of a review:

  • Size is more compact and type is a bit larger than previous editions.
  • Still has brief descriptions. (I was not all that pleased with the simple listings in the 3-series Nav I had in 06.)
  • Still has nice overview maps--which cities and towns have listed places by region, etc.
  • You can carry it with you to find a lunch stop in a city without having to predict perfectly where you'll be.
  • The short descriptions are all in German!
  • The alphabetical listing sometimes has smaller towns listed under the larger one, and the cross-referencing is missing (or I can't find it).
Amazon has these, but they can be almost impossible to find (esp. the Austria volume). Search by ISBN:
Austria: 978-2067133464
Germany: 978-2067129917

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Recently received my 2008 of France and it is in English. Italy Red Guide version 2008 is in Italian, which I read. It is not available in English.

I have to say that the Michelin web site's ( is pretty comprehensive and when viewing the map of the region/area you will be visiting, will pop up recommended and rated hotels and restaurants (enable option). I will bring my France red book just in case, but with a little preplanning, the web site may suffice and actually be better for most.

Good review of the Germany and Austria versions B-Y... Thanks for sharing :thumbup:
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