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Should I black out my grille?

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I'm bored and am looking for something to do, car-related, that will cost me little or nothing. I've seen a bunch of guys with E36 M3s black out the chrome kidneys on their grilles. I like the look, since those kidneys really are the only chrome pieces on the car; if I had a black car, I'd do it immediately, but I'm not sure about how it looks with silver.

What do you think, good plan or bling?

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Seems like a big resounding no, then.

Maybe I'll just rip the baffle out of my airbox, instead. Or give the engine its weekly washing.
TD said:

Of course, you know the standard response now is, "But do what YOU like. It's YOUR car."

Actually, by percentage, it's still mostly BMW Financial Services' car. Maybe I should call them and see what they think. :thumbup:
Chris330ci said:
I'll beat the horse one more time. I despise the blacked out look. Especially on a black car. Think Mercury Marauder...
What's wrong with the Marauder (asks the boy from Detroit)?
Chris330ci said:

Hmm, it could use a beefier engine to move all that weight around. :dunno: I was just using it as a visual comparison.
Yes, the 5.4L from the Lightning is really the engine that they should have used, but apparently there were fitment problems with the shock towers of the Grand Marquis platform. Hopefully a supercharger will be fitted to the 4.6.
1 - 5 of 16 Posts
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