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Should I buy BMW X4 or X5?

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Hello everyone, glad i found this forum where i can ask this question!

Im sick from comparing X5 and X4, I like and I always liked and loved the X5, it was my dream car for over 3 years, now its the time I can buy it (Not exactly now, in summer 2016) but I discovered that I can get the X5, but the 6 cylinder one.

Is it a problem? maybe
I like fast cars and since the 8 cylinder one goes to 100 in 5 seconds I feel its fast enough, but the 6 one goes in only 6.5 seconds..

Im not sure if this is noticeable, the car i drive at the moment goes to 100 in around 20 seconds?? or 15 not sure

well, here is what I need in a car:

-Kinda SUV, cause i frequently go "little" offroading and go over pavement like on a daily basis to park!
-Speedy / sporty
-People should point at it, well... I waited this long for a good car :3

so the trouble atm is, I found out that I can either afford X5 the "cheap" model
or X4 the best model

now, keep in mind that i can afford the 8 cylinder X5 but I want it with full options, and yes i drive 1 hour to work daily so it helps me in the high way..

i know this post is so confusing, but its just as how confused as me, should I go for the X5 6 cylinder or X4 8 cylinder?

and is the 1.5 seconds difference in acceleration gonna affect me? (or be slow)?

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I was on the fence, too. Decided against X4 due to it being very dark inside with low roof and small sunroof. X5 was too big and I would have had to buy CPO 35i. For similar money I ordered the exact X3 options I wanted. 35i with X-line and DHP. For my roads it's the best combination. Fast and sporty in sport mode. Smooth ride in comfort mode.
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