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Should I buy for 23,000, BMW 2005 E46 M3?

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And if not what is the highest price you would pay for something like this?
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Doesnt seem like a bad price. I paid 20k for my 2005 M3 conv, with the same mileage 6 speed man doesn't have navigation. Start with 23k OTD?
I would say a big no to that car. I did drive all the way up there to check it out. The under hood work that was done to fit that kit work is sketchy. There were loose wires and sprayer lines, the sprayers that come with a Cold Weather Package to the lights were removed so it really doesn't have the cold weather package anymore just 2/3 of one. Cracks in that CF front lip. Many scratches and wear damage to the dash area, doors, and shifter area that really shows the car being through 5 owners. The inside rear view mirror has the LCD liquid break issue happen to it from the Nevada heat from where I can remember reading the Car Fax for it. The driver seats leather is quite worn too. I passed on it and ended up getting one with 91k miles for $21k. Much better condition and with everything still fully functioning. Didn't have the roadside kit but then again I haven't looked for it specifically, I've been driving it and it is sweet.

Best of luck.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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