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Should I order this test?

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Saw this in the back of the new EVO magazine, which is the 'purist driver' British car mag. (I like CAR better though)

For £5.99 in the UK, I can order a copy of an article in the August '99 (#010) issue of EVO with a comparison article with The Audi TT v BMW 328Ci v Alfa 3.0 GTV v Fiat Coupe 20v Turbo v Mitsubishi FTO v Nissan Silva Spec R.

It would have to be a special order for overseas, and would likely be more money. Does anyone have this article that could scan it for me? or remember if it is any good? They like the 330Ci, it gets a 5 star EVO rating (only the best driver's cars do) and I am curious to se what they thought of the 328Ci as there were few articles about my car and I never saw the UK articles :dunno:

5 stars for 330Ci