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Should I Zaino today?

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Car is 2 months old... The temperature is about 50 degrees F outside, cloudy. Chance of sprinkles later today and tomorrow...

Should I Zaino? I just got my shipment in this week, and I've been itching to use it. Weather is not cooperating though. :dunno:
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Well, I did it...

I Dawned and Zainoed my car yesterday in 45 degree weather. Literally froze my *** off... the things I do for my car... :D

Zaino is awesome. Shines just from a single application of Z1 + Z2... I think I'll Z6 this afternoon.

Zainoed Yesterday

Zainoed in boston yesterday for the first time. My car is one month old and I just got the stuff. So I polished it and z5d it....OMG Can't believe how easy it was to apply and how wet it looks. I am almost emberassed it looks so good. I am going to put another coat on next weekend. This stuff is awesome....

2002 530i Black on Black Sport Premium Xenons Coldweather.....
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