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SI Reset: Trip Odometer Quirk

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The trip odometer mysteriously added approximately 200 miles with the service interval reset at the BMW Center. The regular odometer is unaffected. I recall alee writing about this too. Obviously, this is not a problem, but it is interesting. I know that the mechanics did not drive the car 200 miles, because I waited during the oil change.

About a month ago I experienced a "clicking" sensation upon releasing the clutch with the pedal close to the floor. Someone suggested that this was the "self adjusting" mechanism. This seems to be the correct assessment because the symptom has disappeared.
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A number of people have mentioned the trip odometer thing after a SI reset. Seems to be 'normal.'

As for the clicking, it's probably the interlock switch (the one you hafta hit to make the engine start). I hear/feel it a lot, although usually in the mornings and it goes away after 2 or 3 depresses.
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