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After much confusion and frustration my dealership has now informed me that the option of 'Aluminium/Titan' or 'Aluminium Pillar effect' is not available for my wk 46 330cic sports order.

However - they go on to tell me - a new option called 'Silver Alu Cube' has been added to the list in as an alternative to the old style 'Black Alu Cube'.

Has anyone got a car with this 'Silver Alu Cube' interior in it? :dunno:

If so can they please post a picure/link of it?!

As i'm having a Titanium Silver body with black montana leather - the 'Black Alu Cube' would have made the interior too bland. :thumbdwn:

Hence I wanted to break it up with an Aluminium effect of some sort.

Hope someone can help me!!

[email protected]

Soon to be on my drive: 330CiC Sports/SatNavTV/HK/c/w engine ;)
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Re: Thanx!

icemanbmw said:
Thanks for posting the pictures, much appreciated.

Is this your car? The top two pictures make the silver look kinda weird - but the door one shows it in a better light.

How do you find it? Not too dazzling? i.e. not too checker-like?

just found it browsing pics from a car show. They are pics of the 330 Clubsport. The pattern is exactly like the black cube, but just looking at the pics it DOES look to me like the checkerboard pattern is more noticeable. Perhaps that's only because the flash went off on them, making the contrasting pattern more noticeable.

I haven't seen it in person.

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Those pics kinda look like carbon fiber although I have no idea what silver alu cube would look like. Is it similar to the cube like pattern of the new MB C class trim? That's what I envisioned originally.


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having seen the black cube interior in person i say it looks like crap. u can totally tell it's not carbon fibre and it's just a cheap imitation of it. it just looks like the design is fading or poorly painted on.

hopefully the silver one is better.
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