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Simple service visit gone bad... (L)

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This almost belongs in the rant but I'm not gunna double post it ;) As a catch up for those who don't know, The door/window seals on my 330Ci were falling apart and hanging from the roof/window area. I called the dealer to inquire about the warranty repair and the dealer responded "If they bother you, just cut them off" ... You tell me!

Well a little further into the conversation I was making an appointment to have them repaired which they scheduled for 1 week out so that they would be able to order the 2 door seals in. So I figured while the car was in the shop, I would have 4 new tires and an alignment done... With that said, here goes:

Took the car in 8:30 AM on Wed morning... Sat down with the service advisor and gave her a list of items on paper that I was there for... 2 new door seals, mount/bal 4 new tires, 4 wheel alignment, and in big bold letters the statement "Please do not wash car" She took my document and listed those items on the work order including the "Do not wash car". Finishing up, I stepped out side and noticed there were 18 MB's and 2 BMW's in the service line waiting to go back for service. Needless to say, I got a Suzuki SL7 loaner! (I'm not *****ing yet)

Call at 2 PM from dealer... "sorry but they sent the wrong door seal and so we will reorder and have that for you tomorrow, btw, when we put the car on the alignment rack your car was too far out to be aligned and you will need 2 new "thrust end bushings" :dunno: which we will replace tomorrow also." OK so what am I gunna do? I said, fine do whatever.

Last night, about 7 PM... neighbor comes over... what is with this Suzuki? You don't have a BMW anymore? (embarrassed & a lil pissed now ;) )

Today: I called the dealer at about 12:30 to find out what time to pickup my car, they said 2 would be fine. I had some stuff to do, like buy $2.20 worth of gas for the loaner and I headed out. Got to the dealer at 1:30 and the advisor said "we have a little problem, do you have another key for your car with you?" Of course I don't and I asked why... "Well, when they sent your car back for WASHING (omg) the kid locked your keys in the car... RUNNING and when he tried to get in the car he broke your door handle off" OMG WTF????? OK so my car has been idling for say 30 minutes now and it takes me 40 minutes each way to go home, get the other key and get back. On my way back (no I have been gone 45 minutes and we know the car had been idling for 30 before) I called the dealer to see if they had figured our how to get in the car and they said no. (mind you, when I heard about this the first thing I asked was if they had called road side assistance to come open it and they said they couldn't get into a locked car without the key.. will someone tell me what good road side assist is then?) OK OK so I get back there and they say, oh, we just got into it (guess they found a thug to jack my car) and it's in service for the handle repair. (Elapsed idle time - about 1.5 hours) I'm like, OK I have to see my car NOW!! So I just walk back there, It's sitting in a bay with dried soap all over it!! I was like, well why didn't they finish washing the car.. what's with the soap and spots? "Oh well the kid that broke your handle was so upset that he didn't finish cleaning your car" Are you kidding me? The car is there.. doing nothing (but running) and he couldn't just wash the damn thing? OK 1st off, get me a German car! I am not driving this Suzuki anymore! (I'm in a Ford Explorer now... UGH) and 2nd fix this car back to perfect condition! (I really had to just get out of there before I got anymore upset... I'm really not like that, I haven't been this pissed in years.. I was seeing red!)

Here is my door handle mod:

So now, they order the new handle and "should" get it tomorrow, they will then paint it and install. So now I figure, great, let's see how much more damage we can do taking the door panel off and re-installing it without misalignment or rattles. And then the kid that did this gets another wack at it when he has to clean the soap spots off!

To be continued I'm sure!!
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Have they no shame?
Sorry man, J... very typical of BMW service dept though... can u ask if they could order a euro driver's side handle without the lock cylinder?

As I have told u many many times over AIM, stupid ppl piss me off. I was gonna give John Robert Austin another try since ppl told me they are okay after they moved to the new location... after what happened to you, maybe I'd better stick with Garlyn Shelton... haha! Sucks!

:yikes: :yikes: :yikes:
Aye caramba!

Dealer needs to add an item to the employee FAQ:

WHat NOT to do after locking customer's keys INSIDE the vehicle: DO NOT REEF ON DOOR HANDLE. The car door will not open and you WILL break the handle!
LilEccentricJ, your story is very scary.....

Make sure you file a complaint to bmwusa.
I remember you told me where you purchased your car. I would not go back. I took my mom's X5 to Braman is was treated like royalty. They have their act together. Got an appointment the next day during the season. The service advisor called a couple hours later to let me know it was fixed and ready.

I was having too much fun with the 330 loaner that I did not pick-up the X until the next evening.:D

She called a couple days later to check if eveything was running smoothly and to make sure we were satisfied.

What was their story on how the keys got locked inside? I love to leave my car running when I wash it. The extra heat being thrown off is real nice on a 90 degree day.:D
No joke Jason B....

This is what I get for buying and servicing a BMW in a town where the median HOUSEHOLD income is $29,600 a year....

enough said!
Holy Moly ! Lil, this is one of the most horrible dealer story I've ever heard.

Sorry to hear that.
A tip...

When I take my car in for service I always put a post-it on the instument cluster that reads "Please do not wash"!
Man what a horror story:tsk: :(

They must teach stupidity and ignorance to these guys:dunno:

Not nearly as bad as your case but, today I stop by my dealer to schedule pedal replacement (TSB for sticky pedal July at the earliest). I get this blank look from the mgr., oh he says I remember talking to you about that. NO SHIT ........ I gave him the story a month ago and he took no time to find anything out. The worst part is he says he'll have to check with regional guy about doing the fix.:mad: :mad: :mad: Yet no call back as promised.

I surely hope I get a survey so they cna get a low number. Amazing how they checked into everything I wondered about before that got my $$$:confused: :thumbdwn:

Sorry to grab your thread Lil..........but your service nightmare triggered my typing fingers:D
that's a pretty rough story. in a way it reminded me of this story, even though i'm in no way implying any of it was your fault...

bucket of bricks
Holy $#!+

I'm almost not sure if this is some sort of sick joke on your part, or if it really did happen... :yikes:
Dear God ride! That story is terrifying! :eek:
I can picture the car wash guy with his feet on your car trying to pry the door open.
LOL :lmao:

Jason B said:
I can picture the car wash guy with his feet on your car trying to pry the door open.
scary story, their attitude and incompetence sounds like a Hollywood comedy.
I've had my share of incompetent and stupid dealers but this takes the cake. Although if they actually manage to align your car properly you'll still be ahead of me. ;)

Does BMWNA have any clue how awful about 90% of their dealers are? Is there nothing they can do?! Are most customers so forgiving or stupid that they tolerate this kind of behavior?

I know what you mean about "not being like that." It actually takes a lot for me to get angry-- but every BMW dealer I've been to manages to get my riled up pretty quickly.
that stinks....

LilEccentricJ, that makes upset. Dealer's have a difficult time following directions. I just dropped my car off at Rallye Motors in Roslyn to get my nav fixed, door rattling and breaks inspected. After hearing your story, I am holding my breath. As a matter of fact, I know that my dealer has had big problems with the service dept. I forgot who it was but someone on e46fanatics had there car serviced at Rallye and a week later after picking it up, noticed a rancid smell from inside the car like something died. He checked everywhere and found an alumium plate of ground up meat that was rotting. It spilled all over under the seat. Anyway, this wasn't intended to make you more nervous. Just try and relax! ....and let's see if I can take my own advice! Hope it works out for you.
I can't beleive that he broke the door handle off :thumbdwn:
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