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Sirius Satellite Installed

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After mulling it over quite a bit, I finally decided to install the Sirius Satellite Antenna and Receiver. I ended up mounting the antenna above the rear deck-lid (below the windshield). The antenna is quite fugly and large so with it mounted to the deck, its not as obtrusive or noticable as it would be stuck on the car. The reception is amazing. I've been able to get a signal on all floors of the car ramp that I park in.

As for music selection, there is a bunch to choose from. Since I listen to Hip-hop/Rap and Dance/Trance music, there are more than enough Channels. There are over 100 channels to choose from (60 commercial free music and 40 Talk/other). Some of the talk channels are direct feeds from AM stations so the sound quality is only as good as the original signal.

The music is perfectly clear and the sound reproduction is almost CD quality. I noticed the highs and lows aren't as loud/prominent as a CD.

Other than that, the $12.95/month fee is well worth it for me. I spend a ton of time in my car and this completes my I.C.E. system. :D
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Whenever BMW gets off their a$$ and finally offers an OEM Sirius radio solution I plan on doing a DIY retrofit. I planned on locating the antenna where you have. There is no loss of signal from many installs that I've read that place it on the rear deck or on the dash.
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