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Sirius Satellite Installed

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After mulling it over quite a bit, I finally decided to install the Sirius Satellite Antenna and Receiver. I ended up mounting the antenna above the rear deck-lid (below the windshield). The antenna is quite fugly and large so with it mounted to the deck, its not as obtrusive or noticable as it would be stuck on the car. The reception is amazing. I've been able to get a signal on all floors of the car ramp that I park in.

As for music selection, there is a bunch to choose from. Since I listen to Hip-hop/Rap and Dance/Trance music, there are more than enough Channels. There are over 100 channels to choose from (60 commercial free music and 40 Talk/other). Some of the talk channels are direct feeds from AM stations so the sound quality is only as good as the original signal.

The music is perfectly clear and the sound reproduction is almost CD quality. I noticed the highs and lows aren't as loud/prominent as a CD.

Other than that, the $12.95/month fee is well worth it for me. I spend a ton of time in my car and this completes my I.C.E. system. :D
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DMD - I spent more than I anticipated, but it has been fun and I like the final result. Thanks for the comment! :D

Chipster - I have a Clarion head-unit that controls the Sirius receiver and lists all of the info on the 7" LCD screen. I could've gotten a stand-alone XM controller/receiver but I wanted the nice system integration. The reciever is mounted and hidden away in the trunk.

I was surprised that Sirius was actually available this early. It had been said that it wouldn't be available nationwide until late summer/early fall.
webguy330i said:
Let's see a photo of that antenna on the rear deck! :D

Nice job man.
Chris, I'll post this tonight. I haven't taken any pictures yet b/c its not really mounted properly. I just kinda threw it there. :p

The antenna is sooo freakin fugly. I'm hoping Sirius will come out with a smaller one in the next year. I remember when XM/Sirius first started talking about satellite radio, they said the antenna would be no bigger than a quarter. . . too bad they failed to mention it was a quarter-pounder w/cheese they were talking about. :rolleyes:
webguy330i said:

Werd, I'm interested in seeing how it looks.

Also, how does their receiver integrate into your system? Is the only integration otherwise via an FM modulator as previously mentioned?
Since the receiver and headunit are both Clarion, its just CeNet connections; which makes installation of several units - CD changer, EQ, Satellite Rec, etc. a snap. There isn't an FM modulator. I have different modes on the headunit (CD Changer/Visual/Tuner/Sirius/DVD) that allows me to switch thru the various controls. The headunit is more like a mini-computer than a radio. There are so many menus/sub-menus it would make your head spin.

When we get that chance to meet up, I'll give you the full tour. :D
Here's a pic of the location of the antenna. Notice its large size. This is only temporary. I should have it mounted better on Friday.


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Spectre said:
So why does the BMW note state (rather emphatically) that it has to be on metal in specific locations?

I'm with you -- I want the satellite radio, but I want that antenna out of everyone's sight!
Does BMW actually believe that the only way to get a signal is to mount it on metal? :tsk: They are right about specific mounting locations. If you mount it in your trunk, glovebox, under your seat, attached to the roof-liner, etc., they are right; it won't work. :p

As I said when I first installed this, the reception is extremely good. Getting it while driving through a parking ramp is a good test. I did notice when I drove up to Toronto, that when I passed under highway overpasses, I did lose signal.
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