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Smarter section on BMWNA Flash site

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As most of you have probably noticed, the 3 Flash mini site now has the "Smarter" featurette enabled. I suppose all of the site sections will be fully available about the same time we pick up our E90s!

Section features :

  • Active Cruise Control
  • Advanced Vehicle / Key Memory
  • BMW Assist
  • Logic 7 Audio System
  • Start Button
  • Bluetooth Connectivity
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chuckie789 said:
The Logic7 section claims that is comes with "a six-disc CD changer in the dash." Is this like the cartdrige version in the 7-series? Or is it like the changers found in almost every other manufacturer? Either way, it must be much better than the trunk junk. :D
I read that also, and so hope it's true and not just a typo... I don't recall reading anything about an in-dash 6 disc CD changer in any of the other documentation about the E90 up to this point...
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