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Smell in Front Passenger Carpet

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Hi everyone! I own a 2004 325xi. I absolutely love my car but there's one thing that has driven me crazy!

The car was sold by the owner and at the time we didn't smell it.... When the weather is warm, there is a distinct odor - cat urine or spray. The only thing I can think of is that the previous owner had a pet that marked inside the car or maybe left the door open and a cat got in. Either way, it's awful. As soon as I start driving and the fan is on, I can't smell it. When I get in after it's been sitting all night, it's very strong... but only once the weather is warm, like I said. :thumbdwn:

I have tried everything. At first I assumed it was the rubber mats (original). So, I threw them out and replaced them with new ones. The new mat in the front on the passenger side began smelling AGAIN of cat urine. After discovering that it's the carpet, not the mat, I began looking for anything that would work. I've tried it all. :tsk:

I'm thinking I need to replace the carpet, since this smell is now a couple of years old. It's hard because it doesn't smell over the long winter so it slips my mind. It's spring again so I can smell it. I need help!

Is it even possible to replace one section of carpet? Would I be able to get that section cut out and replaced?? I'm thinking it's my only option. It's stubborn.

Any help??? Greatly appreciated. :thumbup:

- Hannah
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Hi Hanna, I detail in my spare time and found that at times people come with a foul smell coming from within their cars, it was found that's it's Milk that someone has either spilt or dropped the carton on the floor and it has split, beneath the carpet is the felt & below that is the floor of the car, I have lifted the carpet on the offending side, cleaned the Floor / Felt / Carpet then replaced, that way the job gets done correctly, that is the only way you will get rid of the smell completely.
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