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Sneak peak: 1995 Hellrot 318ti

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95 Hellrot 318ti Restoration and Stroker Build

Picked up a 1995 Hellrot 318ti manual w/ about 120k. No rust, new rotors and pads and calipers in the front, and bushings/balljoints are all pretty good... for $700. Only downside, no motor or trans.

Buying a 1995 325i 5 speed parts car tomorrow for $800, M50 and the getrag are going in it. I already have a M50 midpipe with two good cats and a good O2 sensor, just need a muffler which will be aftermarket obviously.

I'll keep you guys updated
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you know the thing that make the window go up 1/4inch?
coolant overflow tank?
fan shroud?
aux fan?
cargo straps in the trrunk?
strut bars?
9 buttong obc with no missing pixels?
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Donor M50 and Getrag 5 speed arrived. Anyone need any parts off of it? It's pretty rough but has a couple things here and there.
this karl?

and im poor
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1 - 3 of 56 Posts
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