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so about to take the ssk plunge

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and i was decided on uuc, but i've been doing some looking at rogue engineering. while i dont put much stock into the "testimonials" on websites, one guy wrote in about having it installed at a local shop (terry sayer in austin). anyone know much about rogue engineering ssk's? compared to uuc. it does come with delrin bushing. they also have another additional piece, the weighted selector rod which i'd consider, but am not sure if it's worth. if anyone with any knowledge on any of the things i am talking about is out there, please share. i think i may call terry sayer and ask their techs opinions... dunno. RE or UUC... which will it be?

okay after a little research, i have confirmed that the guy in charge of ssk at rogue engineering, ben liaw, is the guy who used to do the SSK for uuc. hence, older reviews of uuc ssk's reference bl/ss kits. at any rate, i'm still looking into whether or not the RE ssk is basically a stock shifter that's bent more as per UUC's comparo site.

uuc comparo site

okay, RE is definately a stock selector that is bent and some things done to it. in which case i'd go UUC. but hopefully someone with more tech knowledge can inform me if the WSR from RE (WSR from RE ) is something that is worthwhile for the SSK as i'm sticking with my stock knob for now... thanks. btw, HACK what's the pricing on the ssk look like from your end? thanks
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yeah yeah, i'll prob go uuc. but RE seems like a good unit. and although it's just a rebent stock selector i do see some advantages to taht. price isnt that big a deal b/c they kits are cheaper for the 325s. i dunno. i dont know anyone in the area with any SSK installed. i am going to have to think on this a little. if anyone else has any other insights? thanks to the replies so far.
KP said:
You know what you're going to end up with Eugene:D . I've been reading lots of people are doing the uuc ssk + Re Wsr. You might want to check into this as well.
Re: Re: so about to take the ssk plunge

The HACK said:
Despite the fall out between Ben and Rob, I do believe both are reputable and trustworthy vendors and I will have no problem endorsing both of their products (except with Rob I get a nice discount, so I'm PIMPING his stuff more).
dan - do you know what the fallout was over generically speaking? and afterwards did UUC move to the new alum design while RE kept the BL/ss OEM design? also, which design would tend to last longer, etc? i'm not that techincally inclined so a layman's response would be appreciated.
KP, link me baby. havent read it... thanks
KP said:
Have you read my review?
Dan - you are the man. even if there isnt a comparo done. thanks for all the help. i'm still not convinced one is better than the other... hmm, i'll hold off til mid summer anyways. hopefully by then i'll have the money for ssk and sways and save you another price check.;)
The HACK said:
Anyone living in Southern California with the RE shifter, I would love to get together and compare the two shifters in terms of feel so we can provide Eugene with an objective review of both?

hmm, tempting. nice summer road trip. i do have a cousin in SF, so i could stop in on the way. make a trek of the fest CA regulars on the way. (= drive to socal... hmmm haha. tempting tempting..
The HACK said:
I'd offer to install it for you fer FREE if you want to make the long trek out to So. Cal. :lmao:
oh KP, i thought there was another review you were talking about. not this Fest one
KP said:

Seems like you read it already though
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