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I am itching for another trip to DV again. Last time, only Sergio and I made it to the trip. That was Nov 26th 2001. I thought maybe May 26th will be a good 6-month anniversary. May 25th to 27th will be a long weekend. As before, will set off from I-5 and I-14 junction at about 6:30am. It will be a day trip. Lunch at Furnance Creek (buffalo burger and portebello burger were tasty!). Should get us back to LA around 7pm.

This won't be a show-show event. Yes, there will be stone chips and yes, your car will be dusty but happy. Yet this is the one rare chance you can floor the accelerator up to whatever speed limit your car can achieve. Remember Malibu twisty roads? Aye. You have yet to see the REAL ones at DV ;) Here are some pics from the last trip (courtesy of Sergio and myself).

Post here and let me know what you think. Plenty of time to plan this trip. ;)

StovePipe Wells Sand Dunes

Dante View

Speed Limit 65mph...:D

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I'll try, but can't make any promises... I will have a new daughter (anywhere from 1-3 weeks old) at that point... a full-day absence might be a problem. But we'll see. I'd love to drive those roads! :thumb:

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I Would Be Down For This Trip, BUT

Isn't That Around The Time That Star Wars, Episode II comes out? Also, if its a long weekend, I might do the Vegas thing again, in which case I could swing it, but it would be better on Saturday or Monday. I'll keep in touch with you on this.

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Think I should make the drive down Vince?
I promise not to hit any curbs! :cry:

I don't think nevada is that far... maybe a day or two.
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